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    Unanswered: Does Access Object Library distribute with compiled VB 6 App?

    Hello All,

    This may be a dumb questions for most of you, but I need an answer from the experts....


    I am writing a VB 6.0 application that must import a .csv file into an Access database. I must create a new table within the database with each import. I do not always know the schema of the .csv file so I am programmatically building a Schema.ini file from the .csv file header and setting all fields to Text. In addition, there may be instances when I need to import several files and append them to a single table (same schema). The files are somewhat large (over 180 thousand rows).

    I have been using the DoCmd.TransferText method. It works great, but I recently found out that I must distribute this application to numerous other workstations (all Windows XP or higher) that do not have Microsoft Office loaded on them. I have been setting a reference to the Microsoft Access 11.0 Object Library within my application.

    Here is the question:

    Will the object libraries be distributed with my compiled application? Do the required files already exist on the target workstations (I am in a remote location from these workstations and have not been able to search their file systems)? If the requisite files are not present or distributable, is there a workaround? I searched the web, but I was unable to locate an answer to this particular question.

    Thank you in advance for your help...
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    The object libraries are NOT included in the exe. You would need to include them as a part of your setup package. The Package & Deployment wizard is not suitable for Vista/Win7 deployments; you should be using Visual Studio Installer (If sticking to a microsoft solution) or a third-party install package builder.

    (Then, there's also the legal issue of distributing the MSAccess object library to machines that may not have Office/Access 11 installed.)

    You may want to think about using ADO/ADOX instead.
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