Is it possible to build a desktop database application from scratch? I realise there's RAD tools such as access, filemaker pro and others but Is it possible to use a RDBMS and then build a user interface seperately (using forms such as those from qt or wx widgets. Using C++. I'll eventually want to build a database which will hold alphanumeric data like one build from MS Access.

I realize this is very general question an allot of the seasoned database guru's out there will want to know what I want to do to narrow this down a bit. At this stage I'm trying to learn the best abstract picture of what is required to do something like this generally before I go further. I have years to learn this.

I envisage I'll need to build a user interface (GUI). I'll also need to build a database from what I would assume to be a RDBMS. Then somehow connect them together. (stop laughing)..

I can't seem to find anything out there which will help me join the dots..

Thanks. Hope someone can clarify this for me.