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    Unanswered: My VBE6EXT.OLB file is missing!

    Hello, again, Colleagues All,

    My current PC runs Office 2010 and Access 2010 under Windows 7. My laptop runs Office 2003, Access 2003 under Windows XP.

    I have copied some databases from my laptop to my PC, with the intention of upgrading them to the latest and greatest. However, whenever I try to open a database (in the expectation it will ask me if I want to upgrade it), the only responses I get are (i) a VBA box with the message "VBE6EXT.OLB cannot be loaded" or (ii) a similar box with the message "Your network access was interrupted. To continue, close the database and then open it again.". I have Googled the file name, but have received a lot of conflicting advice (probably because the error happens under all sorts of conditions). I also created a new database, but when I click on the VBA tab in the ribbon, there is no response at all.

    With some good advice from another forum, I did a bit more research and eventually found the file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\microsoft shared\VBA\VBA6. In an adjacent directory, I found a file .\VBA\VBA7\VBE7.dll. I am mystified that my system, assuming my old database is using VBA6, cannot find the file, or if it insists on using VBA7, it is even bothering to look for it.

    I am getting a bit stressed over this one, as a client, for whom I developed a database about five years ago, and who, on the advice of a manager, replaced it with a commercial system, rang me up out of the blue and said he was ditching that one and wanted to restart development of the old system.

    Any advice gratefully received.

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    Dis you try to re-install/repair Office on the Windows 7 machine?
    Have a nice day!

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