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    Unanswered: Securing my Back End database, Access 2003


    I'm using Access 2003, and have a straight forward FE and BE database. I have been trying to secure te system from prying eyes. I have put a password on the FE which is great. But anyone can open the BE and read / copy all the data in the tables.

    I tried putting a password on the BE database, which certainly stops prying eyes, but when I try to do anything from the FE, I get error message of

    “Not a Valid Password”

    “Microsoft Office Access cannot follow the hyperlink to …..”

    Looks like I need to do something like name the BE password in the FE db ?



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    Others may disagree but if you want to remain with a file password solution, I would only protect the BE as the tables are the most important thing in any DB. I would convert the FE to MDE to secure it. Once you have done this you will probably have to re-create the link tables. Delete all LINK tables out of the FE then re-create the links (you should be prompted for the BE password). Using the linked table manager won't be any use as you need to re-create the links not refresh them.

    Alternatively I would recommend using a workgroup security model rather than a database password. If you split a database into FE and BE (as in your case) the linked tables in the FE will adopt the same workgroup security rules as applied to the BE. This is also worth a look 10 tips for securing a Microsoft Access database | TechRepublic
    I would however emphasise the importance of reading around the topic 'User level security' to ensure that your DB is completely secured. The use of a custom workgroup information file can be tricky. I would backup the FE/BE and system workgroup file just in case.

    Hope this helps,

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