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    Unanswered: installing indian rupee font in oracle 10g in linux environment


    I need to get the new indian rupee font (Rupee Foradian.ttf) in oralce 10g reports through LInux environment.

    I am using oracle 10g with forms and reports 9i.

    I am getting the rupee font through windows 2003 server, but am not getting it Linux.

    I did added the font in oracle_home/tools/guicommon/admin/ttk/ uifont.ali file as suggested by friends in forums , but am not getting it whereas the same is functioning in open office in linux system.

    any suggestion to solve this will be of great help

    thanks in advance

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    thanks for the immediate response. I have seen this link before. I have also seen all these links

    Rupee Font Version 2.0 - Foradian Technologies

    OraFAQ Forum: Reports & Discoverer Rupees Symbol On linux Report 6i

    Using PDF in Oracle Reports
    OraFAQ Forum: Reports & Discoverer how can i put new indian rupees symbol in oracle report

    I am getting the font in open in linux . what i am not getting even after seeing through all the above links is when i access reports 9i from linux environment.

    Pl suggest me any other methods

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