Subject : Oracle iSupport/Depot Repair Functional
Location: San Francisco, CA
Duration: 3 months

Job Description:
1.iSupport: Brand new implementation but will be built on the foundation of Depot Repair.
2.Depot Repair: Already implemented and operational. We assume that bringing on iSupport will require some of the custom work done with Depot Repair to be reviewed and/or enhanced.

Here are further details on what needs to be done:
1.User registration with email confirmation notification
2.Online Warranty registration
3.Knowledge Management
4.Service Request Flow to integrate with depot Repair
5.Install Base
6.Failure Codes to be captured through iSupport
7.Call back Request Feature
8.Customer Forums Feature
9.Interface customer for newletter/information
10.Existing Customizations: Need to consider the impact to/from the following customization with the implementation of iSupport.

1. Process weaver integration for Return Label, Tracking numbers to be displayed
2. Display of Repair estimate and Tax information in iSupport (May not be required)
3. Dealer to upload FFL documents (in the form of attachment)
4. Display of Promotional offer for

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