I started using Joomla to build a website for a club. At this point I have created the content but I would also like to create a database of members. Where would I create the document with the code for the connection to the database in Joomla documentation? What would I have to do in order to show the database to authorized users (I already created the user and a menu item that is visible only to them)?

I am guessing I can use the same MySQL (with phpmyadmin) where Joomla has its tables. I just want to find a way where to write the code for the connection to a database of members I make. The idea is to make a web page that gives the users options to print all members, members by a set criteria, add new members, or delete members. Those are all simple operations. How would I show the choices under the desired menu item? I would have to write a PHP script I assume, and assuming I do all the coding right, what would be the easiest way to display everything in a Joomla driven website?

I cannot find the answer to this question anywhere. One of the answers I got was to make my own extension and I know nothing about that really. One solution that crossed my mind was to somehow use the wrapper item. However, the wrapper item works for displaying websites that are already on the internet and not internal on my computer or the server when I actually host my Joomla site..

Thank you!