We are going to have an opening at our Mesa, AZ location soon.

* VB6/.Net programming
* SQL Server
* PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) interfacing
* Ladder Logic familiarity
* Labview interfacing
* General MES (Manufacturing Execution System) familiarity, and ideally, Solumina MES familiarity. (We've bought Solumina, and are getting started in setting it up.

I'm haven't been directly involved with the Solumina project, but, the guy who's leaving is a control engineer who had written an in-house 'MES' (and, I'm using the term loosely) over the last ten years, which is what whoever comes on board will be migrating to Solumina.

If interested, shoot me a PM. The opening hasn't been posted as of yet (I don't believe that there's anyone who's qualified internally, however, so HR may just post it outside from the start.)