Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum. I'm having some design problems concerning my employees and their availability. I've got a table with the neccessary data concerning my employees (name, address, phonenumber,...) but I would like to register in (one or more) tables their availability. When I should only be registering that John is available on Monday from 8:00 until 14:00 it wouldn't be a problem but the problem is that it can be different every week. Think of it like the calendar that you see in most smartphones nowadays. The user can select on a calendar when we can contact him (when he is available). If he clicks on Sunday the 12th of februari he has the option to select 1. The whole day or 2. From - Until.
After that he can select if the selection he just made has to be recurrent (e.g. Not, recurrent or just the day you've selected, for every day from that day on, every week thus every Sunday, Every Sunday every two weeks, Every month, Every year)
Besides that the user can also select a period where he can be contacted. 1. From day - Until day (Whole days) or 2. From day - Until day (from hour - until hour)
The whole idea behind it is that when we launch the application and let it check the time Now() with our employees, we get a list of person who we can call.
I hope I described it better now. Sorry for my english.