Hi everyone,

I'm new to here and to creating databases so please be gentle with me. I want to try and create something that will make my life a little simpler. Firstly I don't know if what I want to be done can wok, and secondly I am after somne pointers in the right direction. I am learning as I'm doing this so any advice or tips is greatly appreciated.

At present when igo to see a customer I do a survey at their house, once I have done the survey I return to my computer and do two things.

1. I create a quote using excel, this allows me to select different products and quantities etc and once i've selected everything provides a total price.

2. I have to create a specification for the customer. This spec needs to list each item individually, the location I am going to install it and another field for what the purpose of this product is going to be.

I have created a database which allows me to add new customers, add different sites for customers, and also will allow me to add a quotations total price for each site. And am currently adding a table which will have all of my products in it.

What I really want to do is roll all of this into one.

So that after seeing the customer I enter their details, i then create a quotation using the individual parts, once i have finished the quotation I want to beable to print off a specification that will have the customer and site ids, each product listed with the inputs that i entered for each product included, and then at the end a price.

I am unsure how my quotations table will work as the number of items can range from 5 to over 50, and the same item can be used more than once. However each item will have 2 unique fields entered by me.

Could any one point me in the right direction on this as to what I should be looking for? and what specific things this involves so that I can find the information relevant to this. I don't want to become a database expert, just know enough to do this.

Thanks In advance and sorry for the long post