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    Unanswered: SSIS: general question on functionality/purpose

    Hi db forum experts, I just registered to see if someone can help me answer questions on functionality. I have been reading the msdn page and I'm a bit lost. I'm looking to find out if SSIS is geared towards the following.

    1)Take set of sales data from various systems and transform (to new data definitions) into reportable data for BI.
    2)Automate the transformation. If not, how does one produce master data table? It seems like it could take months to finish that.
    3)Integrate with Sharepoint or Sales Force?
    4)Must transform at least daily.
    5)Transaction count maybe 500k a day or so.

    I guess I'm not sure if SSIS is too powerful for what I'm looking for or the BI reporting feature of SQL Server can do this already. I've primariy been an Access user and I'm looking to see what the next level is for data-cleaning. thanks

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    Yes, SSIS can help with this. The SQL Agent and jobs are needed for the scheduling.

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