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    Unanswered: Changing data in a queried subform

    The Delivery Record is created by entering Account Number("Stop") and the Invoice Number("InvNum"). The record stores time(Now()) and the Status with "Ordered" as the default value.

    The Main form is made of multiple sub forms. Each SubForm Queries the Delivery Table By Route.

    I need to update the status of an ongoing delivery in the SubForm from "Ordered" to "In Route" then "Complete"

    The Combo Box allows me to see the list of status's (pulled in by the LookUp function) but won't let me change the data in the Status Box.
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    Can you attach your DB file?

    Sounds simple enough to do, but without seeing exactly what you're trying to do, it's difficult to provide a working solution.
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    thanks for the help

    It has been many years since I have worked in VB and I am very rusty.

    I have made some progress in getting the routes to update on the fly. Now I just need to assign a driver to the invoices.

    Here's the purpose for the project. A driver coordinator has to keep track of 9 drivers and 17 routes. He is currently working with yellow pad and pencil(I know!). Anyway, as an order comes in he will enters the Stop(Store ID) and the Invoice number. The orders are being filled as he gets it in his hands. The page will fill as he puts the data in. When a driver reports to him ready to go, I need to assign a route and the "Ready to go" Invoices to that driver for later reporting.

    So, how do I use a query update or crosstab query to store the driver to the deliver record?
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