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    making my first erd, need help?

    i'm doing this in visio (first time using the program) and i need some help.
    my question is, my associate entities (org, program funder, trans service) are they always weak relationships? (dotted line?) and do they get primary keys? Also, the data contained in them are just the primary keys from the two entities the associate entities are connecting? I'm also kind of lost on how visio connected by foreign keys, do they look right? any information or explanations would be appreciated. this is for a class i am taking yes, i am just looking for help, not someone to do my homework for me. and in this case there isn't a business standard or anything for this database. so it is what would most be commonly used for these definitions.. like clients.. services etc. The non-profit offers services and programs to clients through its transactions. Clients create transactions every time that they visit the non-profit for a service. A program is made up of a number of services. Funders support entire programs. Donors contribute funds for the general running of the non-profit. Prospects can be viewed as simply future donors
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