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    Unanswered: Transitioning from one computer to another with an MDE

    We have an Access 2003 based inventory system custom-designed by someone that is now MIA.

    Previously I was running the work-provided desktop computer:

    MS Office 2003 + Windows XP

    I copied the database files over to my personal laptop, Windows Vista with MS Office 2007 was already installed (and Outlook 2010), and I installed MS Access 2003 to run the Database.

    For the most part everything works, but there are 2 things that don't, and they are quite key things!

    When I go to Tools/References in the VB Editor, it is greyed out, presumably because it's a compiled MDE. But I can't even see a list to figure out what the deficiencies are in the references :-(


    If I try to print our sales catalogue, it tells me:

    doPrint: Function is not available in expressions in query expression 'Format([total_cost].[TotalCost],"Currency")'.


    When I try to print the lease documents, it tells me:

    Function is not available in expressions in query expression 'LTrim(vehicle_year_1 & ' ' & vehicle_make_1 & ' ' vehicle_model_1)'.

    My interpretation of this is that it is having trouble with things that require Trim Left Format etc.

    Can anyone suggest a way for me to correct the file structure on my computer to match the libraries that the MDE is referencing?

    I have come across the website Database repair and recovery service for Microsoft Access files - to decompile the MDE to an MDB I can work with, but I am sure it costs more money than I am willing to spend. My company would just say "use the crappy computer we gave you" - I have gotten quite happy using my own laptop at work and dual-screening lol. Most of the functionality works, but when I need to print off a lease agreement or our sales catalogue I have to borrow someone elses computer, which is irritating to say the least!

    Ideas? Please? Thanks! :-)

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    go back to the MDB and then rebuild as an MDE
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