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    Unanswered: Key Generating in MS Access

    Hello to all,
    I am basic Designer of MS Access. And to day is my first day at dbforums. I want to create a form that automatically generate a key when I click on New Record button. Kindly direct me how to do so. I shall be very thank full to you.

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    what do you mean by
    that automatically generate a key
    if all thats needed is a value that is guaranteed to be unique then use an autonumber column. but don't rely on that value as having any meaning other than inside the database. resist any notions that its the same as an order, invoice, GRN or receipt No. an autonumber has worth inside the system alone. if you need sequential numbers then you need to develop your own methodology to retrieve the next available number. there's plenty of posts on that subject in this forum and elsewhere
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