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    Help with Project ERD

    I was hoping I could get someone to look at my ERD and let me know if it looks ok. Below is an explanation and I attached a pdf of my erd.
    I'm creating a website where a user can:

    1)create a profile
    2)then have the ability to create many projects.
    each project along with the other fields will have drop down menus for:

    3) The project creator will assign positions needed for the project.
    The project crew table will have a drop down menu (crew positions) with types of crew positions (producer, director, etc...). Until a position is filled it will have an open to apply status. When the position is filled the users name will appear for that position.

    4) Each Project Crew Position(in the project crew table) will have many users apply to that position. They will be stored in the audition table.

    Anyway, I hope this makes sense. If you have any questions I'll be monitoring this closely and get respond quickly. Thanks
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