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    Unanswered: Supress Oracle ODBC Driver Connect

    Hi all,

    Using Excel / Access 2007 with reference to ADO 2.7 Library.
    I manually refreshed 2 tables that are linked to Oracle (PASS THROUGH?)
    before I kicked out my mainteneace routines

    But when I try to INSERT data from the tables that are linked to Oracle, I get the Oracle ODBC Driver Connect dialog box

         strSQL1 = " SELECT CID FROM tblO "
    With cnt
            .Open (stConn) 'Open the connection.
            .CursorLocation = adUseClient 'Necessary to disconnect the recordset.
         End With
         With rst1
            .Open strSQL1, cnt 'Create the recordset.
            Set .ActiveConnection = Nothing 'Disconnect the recordset.
         End With
    Is there a way to pass the password to the dialog so I can have an unattended process?

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    it should be possible to supply the oracle user and password for the connection as part of opening the connection. with this sort of approach you need to thiunk through the security implications of hard coding a user account and password into VBA, soemthign which could be picked up by anyone capable of opening that Access bit

    that has implications for the Oracle user account (ie what that account has access/rights to within the Oracle db
    as part of that you also need to consider how you protect that information within Access. at the very least the MDB (the Access db) containing the user + password needs to be handled very carefully in terms of where its located on a disk share, who has access to that file. the application if deployed into a public area should only be deployed as an MDE (or similar encrypted) file

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