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    Unanswered: Is this design correct so far?

    Attempting to create a database that stores info on families we serve at a non-profit. Can anyone tell me if the design I have so far is going to work? I'm trying to collect info of each child, guardian and general info about the family like primary language and gross income.

    Family Table
    (pk)familyID, language, grossincome

    Child Table
    (pk)childID, fname, lname

    Guardian Table
    (pk)guardianID, fname, lname

    ChildGuardianFamilyLINK Table
    (fk)childID, (fk)guardianID, (fk)familyID, relationship

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    Foreign key


    Since a child belongs to a family or guardian, you can add columns familyID and guardianID to the "child" table. So they become foreign keys.
    My point being, you don't need a link table.

    U could include guardianID in Family Table and maintain a one-to-one relationship. Similarly, childID in the Guardian Table with a Many-to-One relationship.

    Hope this helps
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