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    Unanswered: Large Distribution Database with Few RowCount

    I have a distribution database that has grown over 50g. Distribution cleanup takes over 15 hours to run and there are always very few rows in msrepl_Commands. Usually only a few hundred. Everything is being replicated fine, but I fear a storm coming. Anyone know why distribution would be so large with so few rows? Also, Ghost Cleanup has been running all week, so I'm thinking maybe the records marked for deletion aren't being deleted?

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    msrepl_commands, if I remember correctly, does not contain the actual data, but, as the name implies - the commands to modify the data. And for a large volume of data to be modified all you need is a one crazy update.

    The point is not in how many rows are in msrepl_commands. Did you check the recovery model of the database? Should be simple, if not - switch to simple.
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