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    Unanswered: updating a table from a form?

    I tried asking this on a different thread, but I think I was asking the wrong question. I am really not trying to double post, I am just trying to ask the question correctly.

    Two tables, People & Vehicles. The object is to add a new contact in the form that is drawn from People, and to click on a button and open a second form to add new vehicle info into Vehicles. So I need the second form to have just the ID info from the first form, and everything else blank for new Vehicle info. Then when the user clicks save, the vehicle table will be updated with new info AND the ID# from the first & (identical ID#) second table. The people to vehicles relationship is obviously one to many.

    Do I need a temp table to hold the new data and append it on exit? Every method I have used populates the 2nd form with existing vehicle data from the Vehicle table. I am new this and I am sure I am missing some basic tenet of database design.

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    updating a table from a form


    As you have a one to many relationship between people and vehicles, it seems to me all you need to do is drag the vehicles form onto the people form.

    When you enter a new person you can then fill in the veicle details on the same form.

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    Am not 100% on the use of your database. To me this design would create large amounts of replicated data (each time two people had the same car). I understand that details such as registration plate are specific to the relationship between the person and car but that should be stored separately.

    Have attached a file with a different table design. The functionality on the command buttons is still the same so have a look at the code behind the buttons and you should be able to adapt/modify to suit your needs.
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    clarifying the use of the database

    Thanks for the input so far.
    As this employer is a high end classic car dealer (nothing after 1950 and the Cadillac is the only name anyone under 30 would recognize) every car we are dealing with is unique. So there is going to be a unique record for every car. I will look at the uploaded DB as soon as possible. Thanks for the help so far.

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