Hi all, first of all thz for reading and trying to help me :P.

Here goes:
I have a DB with 1 table named FichaIndividual., then i have a form Ficha where i edit add etc the records of FichaIndividual. At last i have another form with a listbox (named lista) and the searches fields.
Everithing working even the double click on the listbox (lista) to open Form (Ficha) with the selected record from listbox.
This is the listbox code:

Private Sub Lista_DblClick(Cancel As Integer)
DoCmd.OpenForm "fichaindividual", acNormal, , "[id] = " & Me.lista.Column(0)
End Sub

BUT what i need is:
after i apply a filter on the search fields and i got 10 results from the 1000 records from the table, i want to double click the listbox, that take me to the ficha form with the selected record by the id and add 2 buttons to the form ficha so i can movenext record and move previous under the listbox results.

I explain:
after the search the listbox got a , b , c result, i double clik on a and form Ficha opens with a, then i want 2 buttons to make forward or backward in lisbox results (b or c).

As i said thz in advance