I'm using postgres version 9.1.2 for development of my java based project.

One of the column in of type 'xml'.

The xml string contains 'DOCTYPE' tag which is causing error while inserting it in db.
Postgres says invalid element name when it tries to insert it.

I had to change server configuration property (default value is 'content') to 'document' to insert this xml string. I'm changing this configuration parameter via pgadmin tool -

Select server -> Click on Tools -> Select server configuration -> select postgressql.conf -> In the pop-up window that appears, search for 'xmloption', select the checkbox and double click on the property name and change the value to document.

Now my question how can its value be changed using command line -

When I open psql session and execute following command
"set xmloption to document", the changes are visible in that psql session only.

My another question is how can xmloption value be modified for particlur database only using ALTER DATABASE command -

on running command
ALTER DATABASE <db_name> set xmloption to document didn't work.