Hi I have created a query to delete records from one table based on the results of a query as follows.

FROM tasks
(SELECT UnitChoices.id
FROM (TaskDetails INNER JOIN Tasks ON TaskDetails.TaskNo = Tasks.Taskno) INNER JOIN UnitChoices ON (UnitChoices.UnitNo = TaskDetails.UnitNo) AND (Tasks.ID = UnitChoices.id)
GROUP BY Tasks.Taskno, TaskDetails.UnitNo, UnitChoices.id, UnitChoices.Taken, UnitChoices.UnitNo
HAVING (((Tasks.Taskno)='1') AND ((TaskDetails.UnitNo)='FIR01') AND ((UnitChoices.Taken)=False)));

If I run the select query on it's own it returns the result 177 as the ID for my test data, this is the ID of the only record in my tasks table, however when placed into the delete query no records are deleted, I am assuming this is probably something obvious for someone more experienceed than myself and would greatly appreciate some help here.

Regards and thanks in advance