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    Would you know why my query results in adatabase, do not get inserted in new document (with just four columns in a table) through mailmerg directory, when criteria is inserted to find data for a particular month (date match in doing the Anderson document).

    It does get inserted through mailmerg, if there is no criteria seeking for a particular date!
    With criteria seeking for a particular date and when the query is run, is runs with what is being sought. However, it does not get inserted to the directory through mailmerg.

    I have tried re-entering two tables, (Policies and Client) into a new database and creating the query from scratch! It still gives the same result as not being able to insert data when there is criteria in the query. Without criteria it works fine!!!!

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    Can we see the syntax please?
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    Please provide helpful information about your problem (SQL of the query, tables names and structures, precise description of the problem, etc).

    Keeep in mind that we don't know anything about your application, e.g.
    - what's the Anderson document?
    - what do you mean by "It does get inserted through mailmerg"?
    Have a nice day!

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