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    I am kind of new to this. I am trying to create some table keep coming up with some errors and I can not figure this out. can someone please help?

    anyway here is the code to what I am trying to do hopefully someone see what I am doing wrong .. I have been looking at this for a couple of hours and now I think that I am seeing double.
    Thank you in advance for your help..

    CREATE TABLE student,
    SID char (3)  Not null,
    SNAME  char (10) Not Null,
    SEX char(1)  check (sex in ('M', 'F')), 
    MAJOR char(3) check (major in ('ACC', 'FIN', 'MGT', 'MKT')),
    GPA NUMERIC (3),
    Primary key(SID)
    create table faculty
    FID char(3) not null,
    FNAME char(10) not null, 
    EXT  char (3),
    DEPT char(3) check (DEPT in ('ACC', 'FIN', 'MGT', 'MKT')),
    RANK varchar(4) check (RANK in ('INST', 'ASST', 'ASSO', 'FULL')),
    SALARY int(0,2),
    Primary key (FID)
    create table COURSE
    CRSNBR char(6) not null,
    CNAME  char(20) not null,
    CREDIT char (1),
    FID  char (3),
    Primary key (CRSNBR)
    create table CRSENRL
    CRSNBR char (6) Not Null,
    SID  char(3) not Null, 
    GRADE char (1),
    Primary key (CRSNBR)

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    mine works better than yours after I fixed the typo
    SQL> ed
    Wrote file afiedt.buf
      1  CREATE TABLE student
      2  (
      3  SID char (3)  Not null,
      4  SNAME  char (10) Not Null,
      5  SEX char(1)  check (sex in ('M', 'F')),
      6  MAJOR char(3) check (major in ('ACC', 'FIN', 'MGT', 'MKT')),
      7  GPA NUMERIC (3),
      8  Primary key(SID)
      9* )
    SQL> /
    Table created.
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