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    Unanswered: Unix and db2 where condition issue(new line)


    I am extracting a column value(DESCRIPTION) from one table and passing it to another db2 statement in a shell code to fetch some value(ID) but the value when passed in where condition is taking as newline+value.

    Please find the out put when executed:

    + echo description is :::: $DESCRIPTION

    description is :::: AAAA

    Though it is not giving any line here but the above description when passed in below code:

    ID_LIST=`db2 -x "select distinct SITE_ID from TABLEA where REGION='$DESCRIPTION' for fetch only with ur"`

    is giving the below output

    + + db2 -x select distinct SITE_ID from TABLEA where REGION='

    AAAA' and report_dt='31/03/2012' for fetch only with ur

    'AAAA' is replaced as



    A new line in the value is creating a issue which results in now data from the table.

    Could you give me a reason and solution for the problem? Thanks in Advance
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