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    Unanswered: PHP MySQL online database

    I have set up a database in MS Access and also SQL Server (with an MS Access front end).

    I am pretty new to this but am wondering how easy/difficult it would be to set up the same database using PHP MySQL.

    What I am ultimately looking for is a completely online solution which can be accessed by multiple users.

    The Microsoft solution looks to me as though users would have to all have the same software and may involve .NET or Sharepoint which I am trying to avoid for now.

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    conversion is really straightforward

    you can export your msaccess tables as csv files and import them into mysql easily

    the sql is very similar, but you will have to change some function calls (for exampler, all the date functions are different)

    rewriting the msaccess front end in php, well, i can't comment on that, it depends completely on your php skillz0rz | @rudydotca
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    There is an alternative which is to setup ODBC tables in the MSAccess front end which accesses the tables on the MySQL server. This way the database remains central and then the second phase would be to create the PHP front end. The pressure will be less as there is already a working solution.
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    You know you can access your SQL Server database using PHP too, right?
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    Thanks for all these suggestions.

    I will have a look around the internet to see what the various options are, including conversion tools etc.

    I think the main thing is to have something which is free, so I am not tied in to .NET, ASP.NET etc. It may be better to break away from ms completely on this one and look at moving everything into MySQL and having a new front end (PHP?), even if this is a more time consuming process.

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