ok, ive been given a rather technical database task and would appreaciate any assistance,

ok, so, this guy runs his own furniture retail/recycle busisness. he is old fashioned, he writes out everything and has a massive office rammed full of paperwork. we want to consolidate all of this into a single database.

the problem:

this guy has 3 Shops, and 1 HQ

we want a what i'd call a multibase.

3 child databases(child) that can contact and interact with 1 parent database(HQ) and also contact each other (E.G Child to parent, parent to child, child to child)

so technically, i want 3 child databases, one in each shop, and one parent in HQ that can all comunicate with each other over a 3 mile circumference

the database will consist of:

Stock control
Cash and banking (daily reconciliation forms, calculatiing queries ETC)
Van Schedule (booking deliveries and collections in allocated time slots)
Sales/Delivery Forms
General queries to monitor sales activity, Company performance ETC

I'm currently in planning stages, and havent even began the base construction. so any feedback, suggestions, comments, i will be grateful for.

what i cant get my head around is, how can i make all the databases communicate and interact with each other?

EG, a shop 2 miles away wants to Book a Delivery for a table, but logistics office is 2 miles away, so how can i make it so the shop can just book a time/date from his computer at the shop, and logistics can receive notification straight away?

what would i need, and how would i accomplish this?

i really want to learn this stuff, and i cant afford the qualification.. so would really appreciate any help


Retarded Jack