I have a USPS shipping account, and I need to obtain shipping rates from USPS. I have all the necessary variables: weight, origin, destination, ship type, etc., but I need the ability to push a button and obtain a realtime shipping quote from USPS (so I can accurately quote shipping rates).

It's hard to believe there's nothing on any of the forums. I searched USPS on all of the big ones, but nothing came up. This seems like a common thing, but apparently, it's not.

Ultimately, I'm working with a Access 2007 MDB with a ton of integrated VBA. All I'm looking for is a little help to run some sort of call against (I guess) their API. USPS offers up a bunch of info here:


but it's not helpful (to me, at least) for an Access integration...only ASP, .net., etc.

Any insight would be GREATLY appreciated.