i am using 8.1 aix,
in our environment , scheduler is there which sends mails to some group of people daily automatically, for these one i think some procedures are there , since few days nobody getting mails and tables are not updated with latest data

in my diag log following error repeating no. of times

2012-02-23- I1264895342C283 LEVEL: Severe
PID : 1261658 TID : 772 PROC : db2fmp (C)
INSTANCE: db2inst1 NODE : 000
FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, common communication, sqlccipcdarihandshake, probe:3
RETCODE : ZRC=0x83000024=-2097151964
and also

2012-02-23- I1264905554C352 LEVEL: Severe
PID : 1511496 TID : 1 PROC : db2hmon
INSTANCE: db2inst1 NODE : 000
FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, routine_infrastructure, sqlerFmpOneTimeInit, probe:100
MESSAGE : DiagData
DATA #1 : Hexdump, 4 bytes
0x2FF226F0 : FFFF FBEE

i think db2fmp is related to some procedure only,

how can i check which procedures are active currently ??

how can i rectify this error

pls help me out ...