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    Unanswered: Cannot set property in sub form from main form

    I may be losing it but I have a very odd problem.

    I have a form with various subforms within it. I have put an option button on each sub form so that when it is selected various fields from the main form come live in the sub form.

    This works well in all fields except one which will not update. I have done the below checks and cannot find why.

    - Typed directly in the box with no problem.
    - Copied the main form field to a newly created text box.
    - Attempted to copy from the temp box to the one I can't update.

    I am very confused and wondered if anyone knew of a setting or anything for that matter which may affect this?

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    check for typo's
    check for duplicate names
    check for hidden characters
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    Solved, duplicate names clicked it, it wasn't a duplicate name but the field had been named Width in the form by mistake, thanks.

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