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    Unanswered: Image upload in DB2 database

    hai I am new to Db2 and developing webapps
    I need to know how to store the image in IBM DB2 uploaded in a HTML form and how to retrive it.

    I know that BLOB has to be used but the logic !!!!!!!!!!!!
    A snippet would suffice me

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    If Unix, the sqllib is under the instance owner home directory
    On Windows , it is under the installation directory


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    A BLOB is like any other data type. Once you have a variable in your application that holds the BLOB's content (image data), you can simply insert it. So there is nothing special about it.

    Usually, it is a good idea to use parameter markers to avoid problems with the BLOB content - or you convert it explicitly to hex representation. Actually, using parameter markers in query is very often a good idea anyway to avoid SQL injection problems. But it has a performance impact because the optimizer won't know the value of the parameter marker during optimization phase, which means that selectivity estimates tend to be not as good as with literals.
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