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    Hi There Guys and Girls

    I have finaly nealry got the design I am looking for for my database, however as you will see, where I enter the player names and scores, it duplicates the player name for home team and away team and i do not want it to do that.

    Also the form somehow does not allow me to select the home team or away team from the drop down menu, in the match date table I have two team IDS one for home and one for away these are linked to the teamID in team table but nothing appears in the drop down box.

    The add new record button does not seem to work either, so if somone could please take a look ad see wherre I have gone worng and instruct me on how to correct the mistake please.

    I know im getting close I am just little stuck now.
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    Smile Tinkering required

    Ok, too many tables duuuude!
    for eg. you dont need a table TeamPlayers just to link players and teams. Use a foreign key.

    The whole design of the DB is a lil off, sorry to be honest!
    Your combo boxes will work when they are bound to some column in your list of tables. Try using the Combo Box wizard coz it will be simpler.

    I tweaked my DBs by reading and googling a lot. You should too!

    Perfect or nothing
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