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    Smile Unanswered: Automated Emails from Access 2010 to Outlook

    Hi, I am new to MS Access 2010 and would like to know how one can set up automated emails to be sent out.

    I have created a database and have a section where there is a renewal date, basically would like to have an automated email sent out a month before the renewal date is due, e.g. if renewal date is 30 June 2012, then the email must be sent on 31st May 2012 or 1 June 2012

    I am not that clued up on codes etc. If anyone is able to assist me I would appreciate it.

    Please let me know whether this can be done.

    Many thanks

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    classically this is a job for a batch process
    its quite easy (like all office products) to get Access to talk to outlook. Ive done the other way round stripping email from outlook and processing it in Access, so I have no experience to push emails the other way round.

    what you would have to do is open an outlook object in Access and create emails to be sent from there. how you do it I dunno. others have sent emails using other processes so those may be a better solution.

    the other problem, is the automation part. what I'd suggest you do is consider running this as an overnight process using the windows scheduler opening a copy of Access with appropriate command line switches. the easiest way is to crearte a new Access db with an autoexec macro that identifies data to be emailed and moves them to the outlook data. I'd also suggest that you send an email to another account you have visibility of so you know the overnight process is working this also means you havea copy of what was sent and can get no blowback from the other recipient claiming not to have received the email.

    you can do it as part of your existing db, do the work as a specific macro or form / code module, however I prefer such processes to be standalone db's that do specific tasks so there is less risk that people will open a form, code block and run it unexp[ectedly.
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