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    Unanswered: help with crash recovery

    Hi guys,

    I did a stop force on my database when the there was a trasaction rolling back. when it didnot come back up for 30 min I did a db2_kill and ipclean. Now the database would not connect. THe database manager is up and running but the connection to the database is not taking place. and I cant tell if the database is in crash recovery. I see the crash recovery happened for all other databases in the db2diag.log and I can connect to them, but our major database is not available. ANd I only see below for this one

    "2012-02-24- Instance:db2inst1 Node:000
    PID:839852(db2agent (DBNAME) 0) TID:3343 Appid:
    recovery manager sqlpresr Probe:410 DatabaseBNAME"

    I did a "db2 restart db dbname" but its bee runninf from a long time

    What can be done to bring it back up. I know the drop database and restoring it wouldnot work either because I cannot perform any operation on it
    I am on db2 9.7 fixpack 5 and circular logging because this is our UAT env .

    Please help..The UAT team is on hold and I am disappointed in myself

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    ADM7513W Database manager has started.

    2012-02-24- Instance:db2inst1 Node:000
    PID:336106(db2agent (DBNAME) 0) TID:3086 Appid:
    recovery manager sqlpresr Probe:410 DatabaseBNAME

    ADM1530E Crash recovery has been initiated.

    so I am expecting it to be still in crach recovery mode. It is a 6TB database

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    Yes, you will not be able to connect to the database until crash recovery has completed--no matter how long that will take.

    I would suggest you rethink your disaster plan.


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    Thanks Andy... It just came back up and I checked all the tablespaces they look fine. I can connect to the database and the app team can query their database

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    You can use

    db2 list utilities show detail
    to monitor the progress of crash recovery.
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    Hi Sathya,

    That was the issue, the commands I issued hung there forever without resturning any results. But my restart command came back successfully after the crash recovery process completed and the database came back up


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