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    Unanswered: Microsoft Access Crashes After Requery of Graph

    I have found that if I try to requery a graph found within my form, microsoft access crashes, ONLY IF the form is set to "split form". When I change my form to "single form" then requerring the graph does not crash access.

    I have tested this on multiple computers and created many different random blank forms that only have a graph shown and a button. Upon clicking the button the macro command should just requery graph. But if a form is in split form mode, microsoft access crashes every time.

    I am using Access 2010.

    Has this been reported before and is there a solution? The only solution I can think of as of now is to show the graph using a subform whose design is set to "single form"

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    split form, whats one of those?
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    By split form, I meant the setting for the "Default View" property of the form. Form -> Property sheet -> default view -> "Split form"

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