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    Lightbulb DB for an academic book with full sentence/word reference

    I hope there are some more experienced professionals out there to help me

    Whats the best way to store an academic book on a database in several translation, providig;
    1) each word or/and sentence in the book can be cross referenced to compare the original and translated word/sentence with the other versions.
    2) each word/sentence/paragraph/section may have additional comments and keywords by translators and readers
    3) whole book, comments and keywords should be searchable.

    Thanks for your helps.

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    Do these people have any products within your budget Enterprise Content Management (ECM) - OpenText Corporation

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    Thanks for the link.
    no budget, no product yet. its in concept-design stage now.
    Probably there should be some more specific products in text-corpus/tagging applications for this purposes. I wonder if there are open source solutions in that field.
    I think, the application for cross referencing, tagging, and commenting is one of the application on the user-end and storing the data of these tagged, commented, referenced text of the book is the back-end of the solution.

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