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    Unanswered: how to create a set of records based on value from a form


    I'm not an expert so please have mercy.

    I have tables: tblYears, and tblMonths
    Fields for tblYears are: TrnYear (primary key), Balance
    Field for tblMonths are: TrnYear, TrnMonth, Balance (no primary key)

    I have a form: CreateYear with button and field called: txtYear and cmdCreateYear

    When I click the button I need it to create a ne record in tblYears with the value eneterd in the text box on the form. Then, I also want it to create a new set of records for TrnMonth in tblMonths.
    So when I expand the TrnYear from tblYears it should show 12 new records, 1,2,3...12 under TrnMonths in tblMonths.

    Could someone please help with some code.


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    Air code:
    Dim strSQL As String
    Dim intYear As Integer
    Dim intMonth As Integer
    strSQL = "INSERT INTO tblYears (TrnYear) VALUES (" & txtYear & ");"
    CurrentDB.Execute strSQL
    For intMonth = 1 To 12
        strSQL = "INSERT INTO tblMonths (TrnYear, TrnMonth) VALUES (" & txtYear & ", " & intMonth & ");"
        CurrentDB.Execute strSQL
    Next intMonth
    Note that this does not check to make sure you are not trying to duplicate a year!
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