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    Unanswered: Allow form to modify a table, while fetching data from another?


    I have a table called Inventory and Transactions. I want to create a form where I read certain product detail from Inventory,add details like Date,quantity etc. and save the whole record to the Transaction table.

    Can I retrieve linked values? eg. Product AND its price,from the Inventory Table into a form which is bound to the Transaction Table?

    I'm using MS Access 2010.

    Any suggestions?

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    There are severail solutions. You can use a Recordset, you can use a set of DLookup functions, or you can use a ListBox. You can also do the contrary and have the form bound to the source of data (Inventory) and use a Recordset or a dynamic UPDATE (or INSERT) query to modify the contents of the destination table (Transactions).
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