Dear All,
I got the trial DB2 9.7.5 and I'm still having problem during the root installation.
My environment is built on Ubuntu Server 10.04 64 bit, on Intel i7 desktop; all library requirements are satisfied, and IBM Java jre 7.0 has been installed as well. No other JVM is available on the machine.
uname -a
Linux ubudb2server 2.6.32-38-server #83-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jan 4 11:26:59 UTC 2012x86_64 GNU/Linux
I follow the procedure as stated in "Installing DB2 Servers" Updated September, 2010 - GC27-2455-02,
- I did copy from somewhere in /root the downloaded file v9.7_linuxx64_server.tar.gz (rwx-r-zr-x);
- and expand it with tar -xzvf command, obtaining in /root/server/ folder the db2setup file and all the other files;
- cd /server and copy here from somewhere the downloaded file v9.7_linuxx64_nlpack.tar.gz (rwx-r-zr-x);
- and expand it with tar, obtaining /root/server/nlpack/ etc..
After exporting terminal on another virtual machine XP, I run the ./db2setup -t tracefile being root in /root/server.
The program db2setup executes perfectly and completes the first presetting phase. Then the process builds the DB2 and finally arives at the nlpack step.
Here the volume for the national language support is required, having it the fixed name: DB2_NLPACK_9_7_0_5_LNXX86_64.
I need nlpack in order to use DB2 both in english and italian for my customer.
But the the downloaded tar file has expanded to a nlpack directory, and all the involved names are different.
I can not postpone the nlpack installation step. Then in the box I don't know what to search and where.
The only possibility you have is to stop the process and all the already performed actions are rollback-ed. Very frustrating.
Suggestions are truely appreciated.
Kind regards.