Hello everybody,

I've inherited a big old postgresql database that i want to upgrade and shape up a little.

I've upgraded my postgresql server from 8.0 to 8.4.9 (latest i can get on Centos) got it running pretty well.
Now, I'm currently trying to move the DB from a non-encoded (SQL_ASCII) to UTF8 format.

I've done that by making a dump, convert data with iconv then creating a new database in UTF8. Great, everything worked well so far. Application running ...

BUT (you saw that coming don't you ), now I've got my new database, my search queries take 5 times longer to give me results.

I couldn't find any explaination, nothing on google... so I ended up here.
Have anyone ever experienced problems with UTF8 encoded database ?
Is it a performance issue of postgresql 8.4 ? of postgresql ?
Coming from the converted datas ?

I'll take any advices.

Thanks in advance.