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    Unanswered: Forms - fields with lookup list box change to plain text when inserted into form


    I have created a multi-paged form with 3 seperate tables. In two of the tables, however, there are 2 fields in each that should have a lookup list. The list does not show, and in the field properties (in form view) it shoes a "plain text" format and does not show any row source, and lookup tale information. How should I fix this issue?

    I have out up a picture in the attachments as well. The selected box should have a lookup list in it, but it does not. The other picture is an example of another field with lookup info that does show up.
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    And each table is assigned a respective page.

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    Right click on the field and change to either a combo box or in your case (as your second example shows) a list box if that is what is preferred. You will then get the option in the properties to set your row source. If this is set as a lookup list in the table before form creation then it would appear as a combo when you create the form.
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