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    Unanswered: Table level restore using archecker

    Hi all,

    I am just facing a problem of restoring a table from archecker utility with the level 0 backup created to the disk path using ontape command. Now I am trying to restore one of the tables in the database using archecker and IDS server is in online mode (IDS 11.50.FC8X2) and I get the bellow mentioned erro when I try to execute the bellow command. This server already contains blank database of the original server.

    Error: Connection to database sysmaster failed, check server mode.
    (It does not display at least the version of the archecker.)

    command executing : archecker -tvsdX -f cmd.sql (This command is running by informix user)

    The contents of the cmd.sql is as follows

    database bms;
    create table tb1
    (tb_id integer,
    tb_name char(10));

    The configuration file is

    AC_MSGPATH /tmp/ac_msg.log
    AC_STORAGE /tmp

    If any one can help that is great.
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    I think that if you want to restore at the table level, your instance must be on-line.
    First, this makes sense, because archecker will need to access to the SQL layer, and second this is what the error message tells you.

    first check the state of the server:
    onstat -
    and check the indication on the first line, on the right

    if "offline" run :

    if "quiescent" run:
    onmode -m

    can you give a try?

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