I am a SAN Administrator and we are currently using an online site to manage our SAN switch information. Every time we need to keep manually updating this information. With time, this solution will soon be in efficient (it already seems to be cracking under pressure. Updating takes a long long time)

I am planning to move this to a database after installing a database on my office laptop, playing around with that database and getting my data fed into it. Once I reach a point where I can present this to my management team, I plan to move the database to a remote server. I cannot use Microsoft Access because, the remote server though is a Windows Server, it doesn't have Microsoft Office stuff installed on it. Also, I need to find a way to copy the database file from my laptop onto that remote server.

I have never worked on databases before though.

Is there any database that helps read excel data into it?

Also, am planning to use this opportunity to get familiarized with a database.

Currently thinking of using either MySQL or PostGRESQL, but cannot decide which to go for, which will be easier to learn quickly etc.

Any pointers or suggestions will be really appreciated.

A newbie.