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    Unanswered: Insert new record in the table rather updating.

    About the attachment database:

    Ideally this is how I expect the application to work..Please open the attachment first.

    The user should be able to open the selected studies by selecting the study name in the combo box for which he is eligible and then enter further information for each studies in tracking and scheduling.

    There is a patient table which will have patient information and each patient can be eligible for multiple studies and each study can have multiple patients.So, many to many relationship. So, tblPatientStudy is the junction table between tblA_MainBaseTable and tblStudy.

    Question: I want the user to be able to enter multiple study info in both Tracking and Scheduling.Everytime I enter the information it is just updating the existing information for same patient that is same MRN rather creating a new record in the tblScheduling and Tbltracking for same patient (MRN).

    Please let me know how to do it.

    Thanks again !
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    Buttons/Data Entry

    In your subfrmScheduling/subfrmTracking you've applied "No" in the Data Entry field under form properties. Switch that to "Yes".

    Also u might want to add Navigation buttons

    I've experienced that Access saves Data entered in the form irrespectively. So you might want to take care of conditions where incomplete data might be entered and treated like a record.

    Hope this helps!


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    Data Entry

    I changed the value of data entry to yes.Now it creates a unique record for each data entry for each field.A record should be created only once for each studyID for an MRN.

    This is how the user should be entering..
    User opens the study and then enters all the information for that particular study of that patient (MRN) and saves them as one record/row in the table.If it is already an existing row/record for that study then the patient updates the record.

    A patient can have any number of studies but cannot be in the same study more than once.

    Also I have linked the tracking table and scheduling table with the TblAMainBase table and study table.I have also created composite indexes MRN and StudyID and setting StudyID as unique so an MRN which is patientID can have only one studyID.

    Also, for some reason the studyID is not getting entered into the Tracking and Scheduling table.

    Please somebody can help me it is an intensive deadline and I am a beginner.

    Thanks for all your help!

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    Thats what I meant when I said you have to take care of conditions where incomplete data might be entered and treated like unique a record.
    I used commands like UndoRecord and Update to handle all ambiguous conditions.

    Before you go about designing forms, I think you should brainstorm about the possible options you are giving the user and the likely situations the user might face.

    I'm sorry but I don't have the time to help you in depth. Also, Info is just a Google Search away, if you know what you're looking for . True Story.
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