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    Unanswered: Return Number from Table based on two criteria

    Hi There,

    I am working on an estimating db. I have two tables - one that lists the square footage of equipment [SquareFeet] and one that records the specifics of the order [Fab_Quote]. The equipment that must be estimated comes with various different style heads - hemispherical, semi-eliptical, flat, etc. To work out the square feet for each design, you must go from the outside diametre (OD) of the equipment. For example:

    OD Flanged_Dished Dished_Only Semi_Elliptical
    12 1.4 1 2.4

    So here the outside diameter is 12 inches and the semi-eliptical head is 2.4 square feet.

    So here is my dilema, in order to get the calculation, the estimator must input the OD and head type into the calculator. From these two inputs, I need the DB to look into the [SquareFeet] tbl and return the total square feet. So in the example above, the operator would enter 12 for the OD with a head type of semi-eliptical and the calc would return 2.4.

    I have tried to run a dLookup, but that does not return any result. If anybody could clue me in on how this could be accomplished it would eb really appreciated.


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    This does not seem clear to me. Please post the name and structure (Columns name and data type) for each table.
    Have a nice day!

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    Sorry I should have been clearer.

    The main table [Fab_Quotes] has the following fields.

    Quote - Text - Internally created number
    OD - Number - Outside diametre of equipment
    Insulation_Thickness - Number - Insulation Thickness
    Head_Type - Text - Type of head (semi-elliptical, etc)

    The square footage table [SquareFeet] contains all information regarding the square footage for each style depending on the OD.

    OD - Number - Outside diameter of equipment.
    Flanged_Dished - Text - Type of head
    Dished Only - Text - Type of head
    Semi_Elliptical - Text - Type of head
    Flat - Text - Type of head
    Hemi - Text - Type of head
    Circumference - Number Circumference of head
    Peels - Number Number of peels needed
    Gore - Number Width of gore at base

    I want to enter the OD into the [Fab_Quotes] table and run a query to lookup the square feet deepending on the style of head.

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