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    Question Unanswered: Access Reports Help

    can anyone tell me if there is a way of removing the ability to access the design view when viewing a report and keeping the other tools when right clicking on the report, it seems to allow you to deactivate the report and layout views but not the design view

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    Download a Sample database from the following Link:

    Ribbons for Access 2007 / Access 2010 - 10

    and follow the instructions there. You can find other examples from this site on customizing ribbons and download sample databases with the necessary code & XML. (Learn MS-Access Tips & Tricks)
    Learn Advanced MS-Access Programming with sample VBA Code.

    All responses are based on Access 2003/2007

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    or better yet deploy your access application as an encrypted (MDE) format, that is after you have split the database into two parts, one containing the data, the other the user interface
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