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    Access vs SSCE vs ADO.NET

    Hi, first post here. I am interested in developing some deployable desktop databases for personal use, maybe someday to post on the web.

    I've got a fair bit of experience with Access, and liked it other than the deployment model. I haven't worked with Access runtime in several years, but at least last time I found deploying an Access runtime solution to be kind of a pain.

    Therefore I am thinking about going to a Visual Basic solution, with SQL Server Compact Edition or ADO.NET as the database. SSCE sounds perfect to me, but it seems relatively poorly documented, which could be a deal breaker for me, as I am a db newb and need as much documentation as possible. ADO.NET seems much better documented, but not as simple as SSCE, and frankly I don't really understand how ADO.NET is different from Access or SSCE.

    I would appreciate any thoughts about whether I'd be better off from sticking with Access or moving to SSCE or ADO.NET.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    SQL Server CE is a database management system, as is Access. ADO.NET is not an alternative to these, it's a data access library used to interact with data providers (like SSCE or Access) from a programming language like VB.

    Access is easy and works well enough for personal databases. "Personal" is the key word - I would not use it (again) for any serious development.

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    Actually, I wouldn't call what I'm doing "serious" development; it is really more of a hobby and is for personal use, although I'd like to be able to easily deploy whatever I develop to other interested individuals.

    As far as I can tell, Access would provide easier development, but more difficult deployment, is that fair to say? SSCE looks ideal, but there are few books written about it, for instance, which is a problem for me because I've got to teach myself everything!

    And I seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding about what ADO.NET is, thanks for pointing that out, I will need to look into that more.

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    Access is a pretty easy solution for deploying an application specific, single user DB to a client machine. You can then use ADO.NET to interact with it. I'm a fan of Linq 2 SQL myself, which would require sql server express at a minimum:
    Free Database Software | Database Applications | SQL Server Express

    If you go that route, "deploying" would also involve installing SQL Express. That may not be something you want to require.

    I've used SQLite for a few things where I wanted an easily distributed DB. I wouldn't recommend it for someone looking to learn on a well documented platform:
    SQLite Home Page
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    Teddy, thanks for the tips.

    I was hoping to avoid using SQL Server Express, just because it sounds slightly more complicated to deploy. I've also looked at SQLite, and decided against it for the reason you described.

    I had hoped to get more encouragement to go with SSCE, but it is not getting much love so far!

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