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    Unanswered: What does this MS sintax mean

    Can anyone help me with this MS Excel.....

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    The best way to work this out is to break the formula down into individual components, starting at the middle and working your way out.

    COLUMNS($CB28:CB28) returns the number of columns in $CB28:CB28, which is 1.

    COLUMNS($CB28:CB28)+7 therefore returns 8.

    For our analysis, we can therefore simplify this:


    to this


    The ADDRESS() worksheet function takes many arguments and returns a cell reference as a string. In this case:
    • 8 corresponds to the Row Number
    • 2 corresponds to the Column Number
    • and whatever is in cell F28 corresponds to the sheet name.

    Let's assume F28 contains the word "Sheet1". This would mean that

    ADDRESS(8,2,,,$F28) returns the string "Sheet1!$B$8"

    Therefore, for our analysis, we can simplify the entire formula:

    =INDIRECT( ADDRESS(COLUMNS($CB28:CB28)+7,2,,,$F28) )

    to this:


    The INDIRECT() worksheet function converts a string into a range reference. Therefore INDIRECT("Sheet1!$B$8") will simply return whatever value is held in Sheet1!B8.

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