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    Question Unanswered: Help with Append Query

    Hello there.
    I have a Master file with a price field that needs to be updated. There are currently close to 2000 records, while this can be done manually one record at a time, I need to see if this can be automated.

    We have an excel file with the Master file key number and the corresponding price.
    Master Table
    BomId (Table Key)

    Excell sheet (this sheet has the actual price)

    I have imported the contents of the excel sheet into a temporary Table with the exact same fileds, I need to update the Master file from this temporary table.
    I have used update queries in the past so this is not new to me, but in this case where I have the key field in both Master table and temporary table, just cant get it to work.

    I hope I did a decent job of explaining myself, and hope someone out there can help.

    thanks in advance

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    Not Append query, but Update query.
    Look at "DemoQueryUpdateA2000.mdb" (attachment, zip).
    Look at tables, Query1Update, Relationships.
    Run Query1Update and see.
    I think it is what you need.
    Before take a copy of your table.
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    You are right MStef, wrong post heading, I ment to say Update.
    Anyway, thanks for your reply, it did work, the only change I had to make is from One to Many, to One to One relationship.

    Again, thanks for you help,

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